Herbs for the childbearing year with Rebecca Holloway at Da-a-luz Holistic midwifery school

At Da a luz we have just finished part 2 of herbs for the childbearing year with Bex, our lovely herbalist, from Austria.

In November(2015), she visited us for 2 weeks to do part 1; introducing us to the herbs commonly used in pregnancy and childbirth.

In April, this year, she returned to do part 2, guiding us into a deeper awareness of the herbs, with plant studies and tea tastings. Looking in more depth at the herbs used in pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

2015-04-17 17.33.30We have studied: calendula, red clover, rosemary, sage, borage, red raspberry, mugwort, ladys mantle and many more! There is much to learn….I feel it is a lifelong study of getting to know the herbs. Feeling their effects and character through tea tastings and sharing our findings as a group, to explore how herbs interact with each individual. takes having a cup of tea to another level!

Its so important to keep this knowledge and wisdom alive, as more and more people take less and less responsibility for their own health…herbs are all around us and can help us with those everyday ailments. Especially helpful during pregnancy and for birth.

Bex is returning in October 2016 with herbs part 1…if you would like to join us for this module of the midwifery course.
for more information contact myself or Vanessadaaluz@yahoo.co.uk