Shiatsu for Midwives/Doula’s in the Alpujarra’s, Spain, Nov 2018.

Da-a-luz  Midwifery school is now in its 5th year !

This year, 10 students from around the globe have come to learn the ancient art of midwifery and also students from last year have returned to join them, for a second year, as the course makes its transition from a one year course to a three year course.

This autumn, it has been my pleasure and priviledge to facilitate a “Shiatsu for Midwives” module at the school, joined by 6 student midwives from the UK on their elective placement.

It has been my desire since I first learnt shiatsu to share it with other midwives, it is such a simple, safe and effective therapy for a midwife to use alongside other skills.

In the solid and safe environment of the school, we started by exploring the basics of touch, developing an awareness of “energy” sensitivity and learning some of the basic principles of shiatsu. Gradually weaving in the theory and beginning the process of viewing pregnancy and birth from an energy perspective. Learning some new concepts and terminology on the way.

We moved our energy, with our breath, self massage, movement and visualisations. Sharing touch with each other to facilitate the body to balance itself, learning a full body sequence and exploring shiatsu points for labour and birth. Working deeply with each other as we followed the pathways of the  “extra-ordinary vessels”, getting to the “essence” of life.

The arrival of the didgeridoo players at the weekly farmers market added another dimension to our shiatsu class, they were invited to join us and were delighted to play for us whilst we completed our head shiatsu sequence on each other. A magical sound bath to experience! That’s the magic of the Alpujarra’s! Adding some yang to our yin.

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