Self hypnosis is a very useful tool to use to support yourself during labour and birth. It enables you to remain focused and in control, and helps you to remain calm, relaxed and comfortable, therefore increasing your confidence in your ability to give birth naturally.

Each birth is a unique experience and can never be duplicated; hypnobirthing can help make your birth be a truly satisfying experience for you, your partner and your baby. Some of the benefits of using deep relaxation and self hypnosis are: a shorter, more comfortable labour, less need for medication and less need for medical intervention and subsequently a calm, alert baby.

The method of Hypnobirthing I follow is based on the Marie Mongan method, supported by my experience as a Midwife and as a fully qualified hypnotherapist and yoga teacher.

What to expect…

Hypnobirthing sessions involve you and your birth partner, whoever that may be; it might be your partner and another person supporting you during labour. Together you learn about the birthing process from a natural perspective, so that you understand how your body functions and how to work with your body during labour.

You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques and how to take yourself into self hypnosis and your partner will learn how to help you maintain relaxation and to help you go deeper into relaxation when you need to. You will also learn hypnotic techniques to help you manage the sensations of labour.

Your partner will also learn some simple massage and acupressure points to help maintain your comfort and to help labour flow smoothly. Your partner will have some really useful skills to support you with and this in turn will give your partner a real sense of being involved in the whole process.

Part of the hypnobirthing process is to help you eliminate and release any fears that you and your partner may have about childbirth, this is done through discussion and learning about the birth process and also by using hypnosis to help you release any worries or concerns. Fear is usually the single most important factor that causes problems during birth, therefore needs to be eliminated.

Hypnobirthing sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home on a one to one basis, with you and your partner/s.
Each session usually lasts 2 -3 hours and I usually recommend 3 sessions, but it is based on individual needs.
There will be some practise to do between sessions and the longer you have to practise and develop your relaxation skills the better.

I also run small classes, when I have sufficient clients to run a group.


“Thanks to my Hypnobirthing course with Fiona, when I went into labour I felt prepared, knowledgeable, confident and relatively calm (which is unlike me). I experienced a short, natural birth with just a bit of ′gas and air′ at the end, but almost as beneficial looking back, is that hypnobirthing took away my worry and nerves in the last few months.”
Jennifer Jones, mum of Barney, 8lbs 8ozs


“Hypnobirthing really helped me and my husband to prepare for the birth of our baby. We really enjoyed our sessions with Fiona and had fun learning how to use hypnosis techniques. It helped me to understand what my body would do during labour so that I could relax and stay focused. It allowed me to give my body over to the birthing process which meant that I had the natural birth that I really wanted. It also helped my husband to feel part of the process and to know how to help me during the labour”
Dawn Shelley, Mum to Thomas, 15 months.


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