Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is a great way to keep active during pregnancy and to help prepare for birth. Yoga is a very safe way of exercising the body; it improves general wellbeing, circulation, muscle tone and posture and helps relieve some of the ailments and discomforts of pregnancy.

The breath awareness and relaxation skills acquired through the practice of yoga are invaluable during labour and can help women to stay calm and that in turns helps the body to stay relaxed and for labour to progress naturally and more comfortably, with less need for medical intervention and drugs.

It is also an opportunity to meet other mum’s-to-be and to enjoy some valuable time to nurture yourself.
Come and enjoy gentle stretching and movement to strengthen your body for birth, as part of the class we practise moving in and out of positions that can be used during labour, so that they become familiar and instinctive and each session ends with breath awareness and relaxation.

Pregnancy yoga is suitable for women from 15 weeks onwards, for all levels of fitness and no previous experience is required.

Here is what some ladies have said about the benefits of pregnancy yoga:
“I wanted to say thank you as I had a natural birth, remaining calm and having confidence in my body-a very different labour to my previous one”

“Easy birth and no pain relief! Yoga techniques definitely helped, so thank you” (first baby)

“A 3 hour labour! Kept calm and relaxed and baby just popped out! Thank you” (first baby)

“Used breathing and relaxation techniques and active positions and baby arrived without drama. Perfect birth experience in our own home”

“Labour only 4 ½ hours, got to hospital and baby arrived 10 mins later. Was an overwhelming experience that I’ll never forget, didn’t even really push, just relaxed and my body took over”

“I managed my vbac using just gas n air thanx to your help with positions and breathing techniques, labour was 8 hours in total and such a wonderful experience.”