Three Dragons School of Shiatsu



After  twenty years of giving and receiving Shiatsu, it now seems timely to share some of that experience with others and pass it on, so that our healing art can continue into the future as an alternative and holistic health service.

So, myself and 2 friends/ fellow shiatsu colleagues, Andrew and Julie Hall, have decided to create our own shiatsu school. There are many variants of Shiatsu, our style is called Tien Chen Shaitsu, as it originated in this part of China and developed from a healing system known as Anma.

“Three Dragons School” focuses on increasing consciousness in the world through Shiatsu,Yoga,Tai chi, Dance, meditation, health coaching and self nurturing.

We are planning to run workshops at regular intervals throughout the year. Dates, locations will be posted on our websites/facebook page. We are based in North Wales and Dorset and we are happy to bring our courses to you, if you can’t come to us.

We offer:

Level 1

1 Day energy play workshop

Learn to play with energy and explore some of the basic techniques and principles of shiatsu, through a variety of hands on practices.

1 Day head sequence workshop

This is an intensive one day practitioner course. On completion you are qualified to perform the head sequence as a stand-alone treatment or as part of your exsisting business.

1 Day Introduction to Shiatsu- (this course combines the above workshops)

There are no pre-requisites to attend the above courses and they are skills that can be used alongside any other therapy you may already practise.

3 Day foundation body sequence course

(must have completed a 1 day head sequence workshop to attend)

This is an intensive course, teaching you the foundation Three dragons full body sequence. You will learn the main techniques used within this style of shiatsu, that form the basis of all further study of the art.

We also have further levels available to continue your journey into the healing art of Shiatsu.

For further information, please use contact page.

Find us on facebook- Threedragons school.