My name is Fiona, I live near Porthmadog, Gywnedd, North Wales.

I initially trained as a nurse and then trained as a Midwife, at St Mary’s Maternity Unit, Poole,Dorset.

During my 12 years as a midwife I became interested in complementary therapies, shiatsu massage in particular and trained as a shiatsu practitioner. I integrated my shiatsu skills into my midwifery practice, undertaking specialist training to enable me to work with women during pregnancy and birth. Shiatsu is a combination of massage and acupressure, performed through clothing.

My interest in mind/body techniques developed, and in 2001, having practised yoga for a number of years, I trained as a yoga teacher with the British wheel of yoga, qualifying in 2004. Subsequently undertaking the pregnancy and post- natal modules, to enable me to teach pregnancy and mother and baby yoga.

Teaching yoga and relaxation inspired me to explore further and I trained as a Hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing practitioner in 2007.

I now help women and their partners to prepare for birth using relaxation, self hypnosis and acupressure, to achieve natural, comfortable childbirth.

In 2014 I went to southern Spain to undertake an holistic midwifery course,run by Vanessa Brooks, at  Da-a-luz Midwifery School, it was the first year the course was being run and the school was yet to be built.

I ended up staying for two and a half years, helping with setting up the school, and teaching. I am very happy to say that the school is growing and developing and I now teach 2 of the modules on the course, “Shiatsu for Midwives/Doulas” and “Hypnosis for childbirth.”

It is the subject of some of my blogs.