What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we all experience; it is a lot like daydreaming. Hypnosis connects the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind, providing many resources that are unavailable in the conscious state. It is a state of mind often enhanced by mental and physical relaxation, in which our unconscious mind is able to communicate with our conscious mind. This state of mind may be brought about by yourself (self hypnosis) or with the help of a trained hypnotherapist, who then utilises this state to encourage beneficial change, this process is referred to as hypnotherapy.

Who can be hypnotised?

Everyone has the ability to go into hypnosis, but some people are more readily hypnotisable than others and it also depends on one′s willingness to be hypnotised, an individual′s need and their trust and confidence in their therapist.
Hypnotherapy is a therapy of consent, no-one can hypnotise you against your will. The client is always in control, the hypnotherapist just facilitates the process.

Who may benefit from Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is distinctive in that it attempts to address the client′s unconscious mind. In most cases the hypnotherapist requires the client to be in a relaxed state, enlisting the power of the clients own imagination and offering helpful suggestions to bring about beneficial change.
It is generally considered helpful if the client is personally motivated to change, although a belief in the possibility of beneficial change may be a sufficient starting point.

Everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy, since it taps into one′s own innate healing capacity and inner resources.
Hypnotherapy can help: anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain management, unwanted habits, addictions, lack of confidence, low self esteem, lack of motivation, fears & phobias, social anxiety, irritable bowel, childbirth and much more.
Hypnotherapy is not recommended for people with severe depression, epilepsy, schizophrenia and some breathing conditions.

What to expect…

During the first session a full case history is taken to establish the issue or issues that need to be addressed and then the most useful therapeutic approach is applied to meet the individual needs of the client. The first session may take up to two hours.

I am a member of the General hypnotherapy register, fully insured and trained in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.