Da-a-Luz Midwifery School – The first year….having fun in the Alpujarras!

Hi my name is Fiona, welcome to my blog.
The reason I am writing this blog is to tell you about my adventures over the last year, at Da-a-Luz midwifery school in southern Spain, where I have been enjoying learning and unlearning midwifery.
I intended to write this blog whilst the course was running, but it didn’t happen….so here it is now.

Da-a-Luz means to give birth or ” to give the light” (in spanish) and I had the priviledge to be on the first Da-a-Luz midwifery course, which I will tell you more about and the background behind it throughout this blog.
You may ask why? As I am already a qualified midwife, am I doing a midwifery course?….because this course is very different from a conventional midwifery training.Vanessa Brooks, the director of the school and creator of the project, myself and others hope that this will one day be a model for training future midwives and for offering an alternative training for midwives in europe.
For me, this has been the best “return to practice” midwifery course I could have wished for, meeting strong Independent midwives from other countries, learning new skills, sharing skills and knowledge and unlearning practices that were hospital acquired and don’t really serve women and their babies.
I am also learning to live in Spain, speaking a new language and learning to live life more simply! And living in a close knit community, with all its challenges….has been interesting! More of that later!
So welcome to my blog, I hope you will find it interesting. I don’t have electricity or internet readily available, but I will do my best to write regularly.For those who have visited my website hoping to hire my services, this is what I have been up to for the last year.
Here are a few photos….the river valley where we live….our classroom’s !

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